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Meet Angela Pastas

Holistic licensed mental health professional counselor LPC

I am a holistic clinical mental health licensed professional counselor in the New Jersey area. I truly believe there is always a new opportunity to improve your lifestyle and create the life you deserved! with the right support and guidance, therapy can be used as a significant tool to help you in your self-discovery journey. As a bilingual mental health therapist, fluent in Spanish and English, with over 8 years of experience working with children, adolescents, adults and families in Mental health community advocacy organizations and outpatient settings, I have developed the capacity to provide you with the professional help you deserved to assist you overcome your struggles.

I have a master's degree in Clinical mental health and completed a postgraduate degree in Bioneuroemocion from Enric Corbera Institute. I have also completed 63 hours of volunteer training to assist intimate violence survivors. I am a culturally competent therapist well aware of values, assumptions, and biases regarding other cultural groups to help you understand how these factors play a significant role in your life and provide culturally effective services to clients.

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